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Unsurprisingly London is a hot bed for afternoon tea. With so many places to choose from, tourists and locals are starting to look for something unique about their cake and scones. Yes it has to taste good, but it also has to be Instagram worthy.

We took a trip to London’s Sanderson Hotel, the home of the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’, in search of finding somewhere a little more special to satisfy our very British cravings.

We were seated in the courtyard of the hotel. In the middle of January we were a little apprehensive of catching a chill, but the outdoor heaters did their job and we were nice and cosy without our coats on.

Our first little piece of Alice in Wonderland influence was a deck of cards on the table, each named after a different character from the book. Each card described a different tea that was on the table in tiny glass pots ready for you to smell. From green tea with mango to oolong with chocolate infusions we were spoilt for choice. You can of course also order normal English breakfast tea if you’re feeling traditional.

Then came the exciting part, the menu. The savoury snacks were wonderfully eye-catching and full of flavour. Mini croque monsiuers, cream cheese sandwiches with lime bread, and salmon scotch eggs. Everything was exciting to taste.

Our tea came out suitably dressed for the occasion with a crown on top, the plates were also oozing with mad hatter style influences.

After our sandwiches were finished we were treated to the best course. Not only because it was the one that included scones (my personal favourite) but it was also the most creative. As we looked around whilst we waited we noticed everyone around us as their sweet treats were delivered to their table, “oooh!”, “wow!”, “ahh look at this!”. There wasn’t a disappointed face in sight. Of course everyone reached for their phones to take pictures. Our turn came and the waiter kindly explained to us what was on our plates, chocolate worms, marshmallow toad stools, red velvet lady birds and butterfly cake, among others. Everything was so beautiful we felt guilty eating it! But luckily it tasted as good as it looked.

Throughout our visit we were surrounded by ladies lunching, work meetings, and friends meeting one on one. This afternoon tea is perfect for any occasion, and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone there. The staff were friendly, the service was quick and the food was fantastic. Oh and most of all, it looked great on Instagram. Definitely worth a visit.

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