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If you’re savvy about East London’s quirky cafes then you’ll know one of them includes London’s first “cat cafe”. No, no, before you get up in arms, you don’t eat the cats, you eat with the cats. We wanted to see what it was all about so last week we took a trip there.

It was a soggy morning in London, the tube wasn’t running after yet another strike. As our taxi pulled up outside it was clear which building they were in, there was a cat lounging in the window watching the rain drops sliding down the window. We entered the cafe, washed our hands and listened to the rules put in place to protect the well-being of the cats.

As we sat down we were in awe of the decoration, all made specifically to maximise the space for the cats to run around. In the centre of the room was a large, hollowed out tree that the cats can go inside when they don’t fancy socialising with humans, or they can climb it for somewhere to sleep. Behind the seating was more hollowed out spaces for the cats’ privacy. There were places for the cats to climb, bridges for them to walk across, an abundance of toys to play with, and even calming music playing in the background. It was cat heaven!

The members of staff were very knowledgeable of each cat, where they came from (most were re-homed) and which their favourite toys were, talking us through their personalities and names.

The real test came when our food arrived at the table. You never know when places have a quirk to them if the food is actually any good, or if people just go once for the fun of it. Well we can safely say it was delicious. Between us we had hot chocolate, tea, two honey mustard chicken bagels, a Nutella cupcake and a vanilla cupcake.

As we sat and ate the cats began to explore their new friends and the tables around us began to fill up with more guests. Some of the cats slept soundly, while others darted around and played with one another. They knew when it was time for dinner as they gradually queued up around the door to the cat’s kitchen and waited patiently for their food to come out.

Overall, if you love cats, you need to visit Lady Dinah’s. The relaxed atmosphere provides a perfect place to study or get some work done out of the house. The cats provide a great talking point too so if you’re looking for somewhere to go on a first date and you know your potential partner doesn’t have any allergies then this would be a great pick. Make sure you book up in advance so you’re guaranteed a space.

Lady Dinahs, thank you for having us. We will be back!

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