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The Georgian House Hotel, situated on a pretty street in Pimlico, is best know for it’s Harry Potter style Wizarding Chambers. However, we were here to see the hotel in all its glory, not just a small portion.

On a day where the tubes were striking and the rain was pouring, my sister and I weren’t the happiest of bunnies. Victoria is the easiest tube station to reach this boutique hotel, however this was shut, so we walked from St James’ Park. We were rather bedraggled but our spirits were lifted as we got into close proximity to the hotel and wound our way round the pretty streets of West London.


Once arriving at the hotel I instantly felt comfortable, the atmosphere seemed relaxed and laid back, the hotel was quiet but you didn’t feel a nuisance by being there either.


The Georgian House Hotel was built in 1851 and has been family owned for over 150 years. In 1987 the hotel was passed through the family to Serena von der Hyde who opened the property as a bed and breakfast with 28 rooms. Today the hotel is now a five star, luxury boutique property with 63 guest rooms and apartments, perfect for those on business or visiting London for leisurely purposes.

Check in was easy and we were shown to our room, number 17, towards the back of the property. First impressions of the room were great, whilst cosy, the rooms were spacious enough to not feel claustrophobic, with a large double bed, sitting area, and all the amenities you could possibly need. The bathrooms were small but beautifully kitted out to the highest standard, including The White Company toiletries.


We spent some time relaxing in our room (more like attempting to control my rain drenched hair), before heading out to see what the local area offered.

We ended up wandering over to Victoria, a short distance away, and having dinner at Victoria Place, a small shopping mall, with plenty of places to eat. We then strolled back to the hotel, it was dark by this time, however we felt completely safe walking around and decided to take the long route as it was so pleasant (we definitely didn’t get lost…).


As my sister is mother to an almost two year old, we took the opportunity to get an early night, this would be one of the first times in two years she had the opportunity to get a good nights sleep!

The walls were fairly thin, but overall we both slept well, and as we woke up the next morning we were looking forward to breakfast.

And boy, did we have reason to be excited..


When it comes to hotels, breakfast is a make or break for me. There is nothing worse than getting excited over the possibility of french toast and ample amounts of bacon to then be dissappointed. Yes it’s happened to me before and yes, I threw a hissy fit.

Luckily, the Georgian House Hotel hits the nail on the head with their delicious spread. With the option to choose off an a la carte menu, I of course picked my favourite, french toast with maple syrup, and the kitchen was kind enough to cook me some bacon on the side. Emily opted for eggs and soldiers, a staple in any British breakfast.

Once we had both devoured these, I had some fruit (I was feeling a little guilty having just eaten french toast AND bacon), and my sister had a croissant, oh how I wish I had her metabolism.


After breakfast we packed up our things, checked out, and headed out to explore Pimlico. The area is picture perfect, as you can see below…


After our morning walk we headed back to the hotel ready for our tour of the Wizarding Suites, which definitely deserve their own post, so watch this space!

If you want more information on the Georgian House Hotel or would like to book a room, please click here

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