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I asked Alex what experience he wanted to try at the Sheraton, afternoon tea? The One Spa? Nope, the gin experience! Of course I should have known he would say this. I am not a gin person, or an alcohol person for that fact, my uni years took it out of me, I can barely drink a glass of wine these days.

Anyway, he wanted gin, so gin it was!

I was apprehensive as we walked into the One Bar where the gin experience would take place.

‘I don’t like gin’ I said.

‘Just try it’ said Alex…

Okay here goes. Our bartender came over with water and some nibbles, thank goodness I thought! He was very knowledgable when it came to each gin variety, we started out with the Sheraton’s own gin – One Square Gin.


He brought us a small glass each and we were to try the gin straight. ‘Wheres the mixer!?’ I panicked. However, I pushed myself to take a sip, and I was pleasantly surprised! The gin was fresh, light, and although there was a second of burning as it went down, the after taste was delicious and I found the whole thing enjoyable! The bartender promptly explained the type of tonic water that would be paired with this particular gin (each gin is suited to a different type of tonic water!). We then tried the gin with the tonic water in a delicious concoction and we were left to enjoy our drink.


Next was the Martin Miller’s Gin, paired with the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, this was even more fresh, and somewhat summery. This was my favourite of them all, perhaps this was because we had strawberries floating around in this one!


After the Martin Miller’s was the Monkey 47, a gin created in the Black Forest, Germany. A blend of sweet and bitter, this wasn’t my favourite, however this is great for someone who likes a real kick to their drinks.


Then came the G Vine with Fentimans Botanically Brewed Tonic Water. Straight from France this was delicious, fruity and citrusy. This is where I stopped taking photos, I was definitely on my way to being quite merry as each gin became easier to drink, and the G Vine was certainly pleasant on the tastebuds!


The last gin was definitely a blur. In fact, once we finished the fourth we were joking about them bringing us a 5th, and they did! Whatever it was, it went down well, and three lots of nibbles later, we were finished.


This was a great experience, it allowed us to taste and enjoy the spirits in a relaxed (and warm!) environment. The service was excellent and all the bartenders were very clued up with the gin on offer. One Square offers over 80 types of gin so if you enjoy this drink, I would highly recommend this experience, even if you don’t have a particularly mature taste for alcohol you can really learn a lot.

Click here if you are interested in booking this experience.

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