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Social media can open doors. It’s not the be all and end all but it can create new opportunities.

We have seen a huge shift in the way brands are advertising and connecting with their audience. Traditional forms of media such as magazines, newspapers, and radio are in decline. Think about it, who really watches adverts on the TV when we can now just fast forward through them, or go make a cup of tea during the ad break (yes mother I am looking at you!).

Brands and businesses are now turning to social media to learn what their audience wants, what drives them to buy, and of course, to sell.

So how can you be successful? These are our top 5 tips.

Be yourself – You can put on a front if you want, but you will soon tire of this and people want to follow someone who is authentic.


Have a theme – Do you have a passion? Then let the world know. Post about what you love and people will be interested. Find a theme you are comfortable with, it will give your audience a clear message of what you want to portray.


Good content – Take pride in what you are posting and take your time. Quality over quantity, people want to engage with something which has been put together with care. Snapping a picture of a landscape? Take your time, stop, take in the views, and think about what you want to say with the image. Don’t just snap, run and post.


Engage! – Who wants to follow someone who is only about themselves? Talk to your followers, chat with them. We can all learn something from other people. Social media is supposed to be social.


Don’t obsess over numbers – Having a million followers doesn’t mean anything if you are not inspiring people. It’s better to have 100 people love your content than 10,000 people who don’t.


Good luck, and remember, enjoy yourself, social media shouldn’t be a chore.

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