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If you are looking for luxury and tranquility, Scotland might not be the first thing in your mind. But think again. Eagle Brae, a luxurious sprinkling of log cabins, oozes exclusivity and quality. Set in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by nature, wildlife, and more nature, Eagle Brae was built upon the dream of the Spencer-Nairn family.

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Owners, Mike and Pawana, have used their experience and love of the Himilayas to create and build a unique, upscale set of log cabins, on grounds once owned by Mike’s grandfather.

The concept works brilliantly. Eagle Brae sits high up on a hill, with jaw dropping views over the winding River Glass in the valley below. As soon as you catch a glimpse of each individual unit, you realise the time and effort this lovely family have put in to create this oasis in one of Scotland’s most beautiful locations.

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Just thirty minutes from Inverness, Eagle Brae is not hard to reach, yet sits in complete tranquility. Located on the Strury Estate, there is no end of things to do and see in the immediate area. Eagle Brae ticks the boxes for most types of people, fabulous for families who want to explore, honeymooners who want peace and quiet, or couples who want to reconnect, the outstanding views and the blessing of mother nature on this area means there is never a dull moment.

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The cabins themselves are a craftsman’s masterpiece. No detail has been missed, everything is hand made. The pieces of wood are huge, and it is obvious a great amount of care has been taken in their creation. Our cabin was named Loxia, one of the most regularly booked of all the cabins.

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Upon entering the cabin I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Filled with warm tones, the cosy interior was spotless, and the cabin itself looks out over a pretty pond, home to some friendly ducks, and over the valley below. Due to it’s high up position, the views are pretty undisturbed.

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This hamper was a nice surprise!

It was hard to know what to do, we wanted to explore the outdoors, but it was hard to take ourselves away from the warmth of our cabin! So we decided to have a peak around our temporary home, before heading out. The inside of the lodge is a showpiece of both Scottish and Himalayan architecture and decor. We were greeted with a beautiful hamper filled with Scottish goodies, which we could enjoy whilst admiring the Nepalese wood carvings above the staircase.

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It didn’t take long before Alex grabbed the camera and ran outside, he had spotted some deer, right behind our lodge! The deer and wildlife roam freely, so don’t be surprised to meet a furry friend somewhere along the way. These majestic creatures are fabulous to photograph and adds a real sense of wildness to the space. However, these aren’t the only fluffy beasts to come and say hello, Eagle Brae is also host to Kyla, a gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog, belonging to Mike and Pawana.

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A regular visiter…

To really get a feel for the place, it is worth spending a few days to a week here, depending on how much time you have. Unfortunately we could only squeeze in one night, but we didn’t want to leave, ever! However, the Isle of Skye was calling us, and we had to say goodbye to both our beautiful lodge, and the lovely staff!

Eagle Brae, we will return!

If you are interested in visiting Eagle Brae, please click here.


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