London is no stranger to being used as a background in Film and TV, but here are some of our favourites…

Harry Potter

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Okay I will get this one out of the way first because whilst not directly the filming location, Platform 9¾. at King’s Cross Station has become a magnet to Harry Potter fans all over the world. Filming actually took place on platforms 4 and 5!

James Bond

Photo credit: Dun.can

Whilst we could dedicate an entire article to this popular franchise, this is not the time. It’s hard to choose just one location but you can’t go wrong with the MI6 building in Vauxhall.

Fast and Furious

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King Charles Street by Rich

When they cast Jason Statham as the baddie, how could they not feature London? And whilst half of their shots were supposed to be in Moscow, they were actually filmed on and around Lambeth Bridge, also featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. However, there are some scenes supposed to be in London, including a street race on King Charles Street, running parallel to Downing Street. Pretty sure this would be highly illegal in real life…

Notting Hill

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Portobello Road by Hannah

You can’t do a London movie feature and NOT include Notting Hill. The title of this film is the setting, easy huh? Yes and no, whilst the location is the same, the characters are not. Notting Hill is a lot more diverse in real life than the film portrays.

Love Actually

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‘To me you are perfect’ (Photo credit: Damepetite)

This had to come after Notting Hill really doesn’t it? The iconic moment Mark silently declares his love to Juliet happens at St Luke’s Mews in Kensington.

Batman Begins


But it’s filmed in the US isn’t it? Surely? Yes a lot of it is, Chicago is the background to Gotham after all, but London does make a few appearances. Senate House in Bloomsbury was where Christian Bale plans the avenge of his parents death. Exciting stuff.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

The Globe Tavern

I believe my choice in movies is really starting to show off my age now.. But seriously, how could we not include possibly the best romcom ever made? There are plenty of noticeable London sights included in this movie, but if we had to pick one?

The Globe Tavern, a thriving London Pub, was host to Bridget Jones’s flat. Although back then it didn’t quite have the Shard standing on its doorstep!

About A Boy

Photo Credit: Royal Parks

Has anyone else noticed the Hugh Grant theme going on here? Quintessentially British, Hugh Grant has managed to get himself into A LOT of London based movies, especially romcoms.

Remember when Marcus through a loaf of bread at the duck and killed it? That happened at the Lake in Regent’s Park. If you fancy a less deathly experience, you can hire a pedalo for £10 and enjoy the water in peace.