Depending on which part of London you visit, places can seem very down to earth, or extremely flashy. Funnily enough it isn’t usually the Brits themselves who love to splurge, it is the people who come to visit London and want to live that Mayfair lifestyle.

But where do these people stay? You know, the ones who ship over their Lamborghinis for a few days and go crazy in Harrods.

The suites mentioned below are residences most of us could only dream of, but you might be surprised to know some people actually stay in them!


Royal Suite, The Lanesborough

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The first person to ever stay in this suite was an American billionaire who stayed for three whole weeks, we hate to think what his bill must have been by the end of it.

This is not a hotel you get a taxi to, you are picked up by your own chauffeur and butler (in tailcoats of course), the private car ( a Rolls Royce no less) comes with the suite. On arrival you are shown around your new 7 bedroom home for however many days or weeks you are staying. The hotel has recently gone through an £80 million renovation, and no expense has been spared, especially not in the Royal Suite.

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Surrounded by 24-carat gold leaf, huge chandeliers, and hand made furniture from the same craftsmen who decked our No.10 Downing Street, you wouldn’t be foolish in thinking you’ve just entered the life of a Royal. Discover televisions behind oil paintings, views over Buckingham Palace Gardens, and floor to ceiling windows.


However, even though they are happy to throw in the use of a £320,000 Rolls Royce during your stay, breakfast isn’t included, and after spending your life savings on the room, looks like you are off to Tesco for a 65p chocolate croissant….

Price: Starting from £18,000 per night.


Royal Suite, Mandarin Oriental


I’m starting to see a theme here with the word ‘Royal’, perhaps its because most of these suites are fit for Royalty.

The Mandarin Oriental is nestled in one of Britain’s most expensive postcodes. Knightsbridge is home to Harrods, multi million pound houses, and exclusive hotels. The Mandarin Oriental itself fits in just perfectly, but even the Royal Suite goes above and beyond.


Overlooking Hyde Park, the Royal Suite is large enough to accommodate up to 40 guests when throwing an event. With three bedrooms, a huge dressing room, and even your own steam room, you never even have to leave. Of course you can rely on your own Butler to get things done for you. Want to buy the paintings on the walls? No problem. The apartment is decked out in the finest artwork from the famous Halcyon Gallery.

Large enough to house a few families, the suite also features an expansive outdoor terrace, so when it’s not too chilly, you can enjoy views of the Royal Park al fresco.

Price: Starting from £18,000 per night


Sterling Suite, Langham Hotel


One of London’s largest hotel suites, the Sterling Suite boasts six bedrooms, a dining room, drawing room, private media lounge, CCTV, and of course a Butler’s Pantry. This is the ultimate luxury, covering 450 sqm of prime real estate in London.

Unveiled for the hotel’s 150 year anniversary celebrations, guests can enter the suite in their own private elevator and lobby. This is a place built with celebrities in mind, offering the utmost privacy, plenty of marble, silver leaf, and hand made furniture.

Price: Starting from £24,000 per night


Shangri-La Suite, Shangri-La at the Shard


Whether you are staying in a suite or not, the Shard houses one of the most sought after hotels in the city. With unbeatable views, luxurious accommodation, and service to match, the Shangri-La also showcases one of London’s most epic suites.

With floor to ceiling windows and 180 degree panoramic views of a world-class city, is the Shangri-La Suite unbeatable? It might be one of the most expensive suites but it’s not the biggest. With one Master Suite, en-suite bathroom, dressing room, living room, dining area and kitchenette, guests might want more sleeping space, so luckily the suite can be connected into the luxury bedrooms either side.

With 1,000 thread count sheets, an iPad to read the news on, and your own binoculars, the Shangri-La Suite offers guests the highest quality amenities and facilities.

Price: Starting from £10,000