The second largest and most northerly constituent nation in the United Kingdom, Scotland is home to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and the country’s largest city, Glasgow. Scotland is a magnificently beautiful country, known for it’s dramatic landscapes, home to mountains, valleys, forests and rugged coastline. The country has a fascinating and rich history, dating back over thousands of years.

Whilst the sun doesn’t always shine, Scotland is known for having four distinct seasons, which is in fact something many love about this enchanting nation. Your experience will differ with each place you visit, within this small, 30,090 miles sq, you will find historic architecture, striking scenery, charming villages, and friendly locals.

Scotland is remote, but not isolated, the rugged, wild countryside can be found as little as twenty minutes outside of Scotland’s main cities. Take a road trip around this great country and find unmistakeable beauty in places such as Glen Coe, and Loch Ness. Visit the scattered islands of the north before moving onto the far corners of the Highlands.

Scotland is like nowhere you could have been before, have a read through our guides and learn about some of our favourite places to stopover.