Home to some of Scotland’s most unique landscapes, the Isle of Skye truly is a magical destination. Seeing as Scotland has so much to offer, people don’t always have the time to visit every beautiful place on the island. We have put together our top 5 views on the Isle of Skye to help navigate you to the most breathtaking spots.

Neist Point

The most westerly point on Skye, Neist Point offers tranquility and a sublime coastline. During summer you may even spot dolphins and whales! We would recommend taking the path up the hill rather than down to the lighthouse, this is the perfect picnic stop and a great place to reflect.

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Surprisingly easy to reach (you can drive up it!), the Quiraing offers scenery that would be more fitting in a sci-fi movie rather than on the shores of the United Kingdom. This is an essential spot for any photographer as you look out over the sea to the islands beyond.


Kilt Rock Falls

Named after the traditional Scottish dress, Kilt Rock Falls is a spectacular waterfall plummeting into the sea 60 metres below. If you visit when it’s windy, be careful as the water may spray back at you!


Fairy Glen

Feeling like you have been transported into a fairytale, Fairy Glen is green and fluffy. Surround yourself in a bizarre yet real miniature landscape, with cone hills and sheep that can’t gobble through the grass quick enough. Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare as you might spend longer here than you think!


Portree Harbour

Surrounding the largest (yet still relatively ┬ásmall) town on the island, Portree is a hive of activity. Filled with small hotels, hostels, cosy restaurants and pubs, the prettiest place in this town is down on the water front. Lined with coloured houses and looking out onto an impressive coastline, the harbour offers a different view every time, the weather doesn’t ever stay the same.



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